In 2001-2002 the Lord awakened Vance’s and my heart to the atrocities of abortion and its influence on death in our nation. We began praying for those who were abortion-minded and that the main abortion clinic in Atlanta would close its doors. Our hearts would need to turn from fear and murder to faith and protection of our unborn babies. The clinic was located off of Spring Street in Atlanta. My whole family of six would go and pray quietly with red life tape over our mouths for a couple of hours on different Saturday mornings with a group Varying of 15-30 people. One of the Saturdays turned out to be very cold so I took my two youngest back to the van to pray and intercede. Josh was 4 & Lauren was two years old of the time. As they played in the back of the van I was in the front seat praying and began to weep and cry out for justice for the unborn. I saw a spring of water gushing out of the ground and washing over the clinic and then it was gone the street was clean and ready for new buildings to be built in its place. The Lord spoke to me of His scripture in the book of Isaiah 43:19

“Behold I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it?”

I looked up the scripture and began to laugh and say “Let it be Lord!” The word “spring” jumped out at me, for the name of the road that the clinic was located on was named Spring Street and I knew God was doing a new thing today! At that moment I began praising God for His new thing coming forth and my son, Joshua popped up from the back of the van and said “Hey mom, look what I just found!” He had a very large spring in his hand lifted for me to see. I rejoiced even more knowing that it was the Lord speaking to me again that all would become new at this location.

I had the children bundle up again so we could go and share with the others what God was going to do on that street corner. As always we sang The Blood of Jesus before sharing and parting ways. I shared about the encounter that I had while in the van with the children and knew God had shifted things as we had prayed and believed God for His life and not death! It was not much longer between the year 2002-2003 that the clinic shut down and that new buildings would begin to spring up. God’s Spirit is willing to move and bring forth life as we pray and intercede for Him to come and do a new thing in us and in the places that men have erected their mown thoughts and ideas of how freedom looks. God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours and it’s His thoughts and intents that we should desire and seek. When we do that He comes suddenly, springing forth like a mighty fountain from out of our innermost part and that’s when things change and align to the life of Christ Jesus. Take the time to ask, seek, and find God’s heart and thoughts today so that His river of Life flows through you to change seeming lesser situations!

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